Dreamhost Web Hosting

Save With Dreamhost Promo CodeDreamhost , one of the most popular web host in the USA, offers an unlimited web hosting service for $8 a month and a linux virtual private server plan for an additional $15 – $23 total a month.

Dreamhost has been in business for over 11 years now and can be a good choice both for beginners (for their control panel) and for advanced users (ROR, Lighttpd – the private server is VERY flexible).

We have written a review of dreamhost and review of dreamhost’s virtual private server – so check those articles out if you are interested in the bottom line but right now we are going to talk about Dreamhost’s features.

First, lets talk about the basics –

Dreamhost Web Hosting Basics

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  • All servers run on Debian Linux
  • Servers are hosted in Los Angeles, California
  • They have two server plans – normal unlimited and virtual private servers
  • Very Easy Control Panel – This is awesome for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Unlimited Disk Storage ( For website usage – 50 gigs of space for personal backups. )
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains ( Some server charge you a fee to add additional domains )
  • Unlimited Databases ( Again some companies will limit you to 100 domains )
  • Dreamhost Coupons or Dreamhost Promo Codes to help you save money on signup.  Check out my articles, I talk a lot about this on this website.
  • Email Everything – They offer IMAP, POP3, Spam Filtering, etc for email ( Basically they offer everything you need and also make it VERY easy for you to integrate with Google Apps for email. Whether or not you like Google you have to admit that they do email well and many companies are moving towards Google Apps.  Well, Dreamhost makes it very easy to integrate with Google Apps)
  • Domain Registration Included –  Free domain included with every account.  See of Dreamhost Domain Registration – But dreamhost has the best domain registration in my experience and owning over 100 domains I have experience in this matter.
  • All Popular Scripting Languages Supported – PHP5, Mysql5,  Perl, Python, Ruby On Rails ( Private Server Required). Basically you have everything you need.
  • CVS &  SVN Support – You can store unlimited SVN projects. If you use SVN a lot, this is a nice feature. Sure there are places where you can get free SVN but there are restrictions and limitations always.
  • Crontab Access – Schedule to run all the programs you need to.
  • Customer Service is in house and based in the USA. If you are normal user, you have access to email support 24×7. However, if you upgrade to the private server you have access to live customer support via the chat interface and from there you can request a call back. Even better you are getting people who know what they are talking about.
  • Full Unix Shell – Dreamhost makes getting shell access easy with most webhosts you have to scan and email in some identification and then they give you limited shell access. Dreamhost gives you access to everything and root access if you have a private server.

As you can see you get a lot of features with Dreamhost now a bit about the big picture.

Dreamhost Coporate Culture

Dreamhost is an employee owned company and they have an interesting and zany corporate culture.  Check out their employee profile pages here to get an idea. Also their official company blog gives you a good idea of what they are about.

Dreamhost Overview

If have mentioned this before on the website but its worth mentioning again – Dreamhost has been around now for over 10 years and is recommended by the creators of wordpress. Below is a screenshot of the endorsement. Dreamhost really excels at wordpress hosting. In fact, this site is hosted as a wordpress blog.

wordpress endorsement dreamhost

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