Dreamhost VPS Review

Reviewer: David Dreston
Rating: 5 stars
Webhost: Dreamhost Virtual Private Server

dreamhostWhile Dreamhost basic offer unlimited hosting in that you get unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases and domains, they don’t offer unlimited server capacity. Face it you can’t just build the next facebook application and expect to host it for only $9/month and while they do not currently offer dedicated hosting – they offer Virtual Private Server hosting for an additional $15 a month.

If you are interested in running more advanced web applications like Mongrel in conjunction with Ruby on Rails, then you will need to upgrade to a Dreamhost Private server. Dreamhost runs on debian linux and as a Dreamhost private server users you will have your own IP addresses, root access and the ability to reboot your server at will.

First, the basics, Dreamhost private servers are $15 / month.  You already have unlimited everything else with a normal Dreamhost  account (bandwidth,storage,databases and domains) however with a Dreamhost private server the additional $15 goes towards 150 Megabytes of Ram, Unique Ip address, and isolation from other servers.  Upgrading to a Dreamhost private server happens automatically and in most cases the 150 MB of server ram is good enough – however if you need more you can add as much as you need on the fly – just move the memory slider bar.

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Some Cool Facts About Dreamhost Private Server

  • You get 24/7 live chat support when you signup – Get help ASAP if you need it.
  • Change Memory and CPU configurations on the fly!
  • FULL ROOT access — really and truly full root access – you can do whatever you need
  • Run Mongrel for Ruby on Rails – with a few clicks!
  • Run Lighthttpd, Tomcat, CherryPy, Nginx – Anything you want with mod_proxy installed.
  • Its the same cool control panel – so you can keep things easy also
  • Memory upgrades and downgrades are seemless – use the slider bar to adjust as needed.

With Dreamhost Private Server you can get as geeky as you want to get and still have access to the Dreamhost Control panel when you need it.  Personally as a programmer, I feel comfortable with the technology but on the otherhand, I don’t want to make things unnecessarily hard on myself either.

Example, if you are so techy that you like to adjust DNS entries by hand then perhaps you need to co-locate your own web server but if you want advanced features that have been made as easy to use as possible then Dreamhost Virtual Private Server could be perfect for you.

I have mentioned this before but Dreamhost is not your average cookie cutter web host and if you have a sense of humor you will like their newsletter and style – Check out their jobs section of their website to get a sense of what the company is like but they have been profitable and in business for over 11 years now and are VERY OPEN and TRANSPARENT about server upgrades and whats going on- so open in fact that they post all servers upgrades ,etc on the their Dreamhost Status page.

In conclusion, if you are techy and really want to push the limits then you will love Dreamhost’s private server program and in conclusion, giving Dreamhost 5 out of 5 stars for unlimited webhosting, advanced features, a nice control panel and transparency.

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