Dreamhost Review

Reviewer:  David Dreston
Rating: 5 stars
Webhost:  Dreamhost

dreamhostDreamhost has been around for over 11 years now and has established their reputation as cutting edge webhost with personality.

First, the basics, they offer unlimited web hosting for $8.95 / month. When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and unlimited domains.

We they say unlimited storage, we mean all  the material – images,video files, HTML file that you can uploaded to your server that is relevant to your website.  If you want to upload or backup your computer to their servers then Dreamhost allows you 50 GB of disk space for  personal backups.

Also you have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains, so you can and I have hosted a huge number of websites in my personal dreamhost account. This is one what to easily make money with Dreamhost – to host friends and family member’s websites – eg wordpress and make your money back that way.

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Anyways, on to some more details about Dreamhost, they offer php, ruby on rails, perl, python, mysql and all normal features that webhosts offer. In addition, Dreamhost offers features (that other providers will hassle you over) such as shell access, webdav and full CGI access.

So while Dreamhost offers reliable LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) website hosting , where the really excel is for the very techy users. Most webhosts will not even offer services such as SVN hosting (unlimited SVN hosting!), Quicktime media streaming, Amazon Cloudfront integration, Integrated Flash media conversion,etc, etc.

Dreamhost is not your average cookie cutter web host and with these extra technical features they really set themselves apart.  Whether or not you are very technical, Dreamhost makes things easy with their control panel – which I like better than Cpanel. Using the Dreamhost Control panel,  you can quickly and easily do many things such as install wordpress with one click, backup all your accounts, manage emails, manage databases and manage domain names.

Also, as mentioned, Dreamhost has a very non traditional coporate culture. Hey, they can do what they want – they have been in business and profitable for 11 years now – so why not make a fun company to work at ?  Well, anyways, when you become a Dreamhost user  you will see that have a pretty funny newsletter that they put out every month and in addition there are VERY OPEN and TRANSPARENT about problems – so open in fact that they post all servers issues on the their Dreamhost Status page.

No web host is immune from server issues because all of them (at least the good ones) are in the process of constantly upgrading hardware and routing mechanisms.  Anyways, after all the BS and denails, i find Dreamhost’s honesty refreshing.

In conclusion, I’m giving Dreamhost 5 out of 5 stars for unlimited webhosting, advanced features, a nice control panel and transparency. This website that you are reading now has been with them for over 5 years now with no major issues.

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