Dreamhost Promo Code

4 Ways You Can Save Money with Dreamhost

Save Money at Dreamhost

  1. Save $50 on Dreamhost signup (This is the Maximum). Get your setup fee waived or apply the $50 discount to the yearly plans which have no setup fees!
  2. Instead of  a discount – receive more features with a Dreamhost Promo Code. ( Choose Below)
  3. Save $150 to $200 when you use a Dreamhost Invitation. ( 2 year contract required )
  4. Get a free domain name with Dreamhost.  Good news – this happens automatically

The Best Dreamhost Promo Codes to Save You Money

Promo CodeDescription
BEKINDSave $50 on Dreamhost signup, waive the setup fee or $50 off on the yearly plans
BEKIND25 lifetime free domain registrations
BEKIND34 lifetime free domain registrations and 1 lifetime free ip address
BEKIND42 lifetime free domain registrations and 2 lifetime free ip addresses

Click here to save $50 with Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND

Dreamhost allows existing users of their web hosting services to create promo codes to incentive new users with discounts and additional features back on signup. As mentioned, the max you can get back is $50 and this can be applied to both extra domain names and unique ip addresses.

Take a look at the chart above, but remember, if you are setting up several websites you might want to consider promo code BEKIND2 which provides 5 FREE domain names a year.You can read about dreamhost’s domain name registry service there but to be brief they are my favorite domain registrar because they keep managing domain names cheap and easy.

Also, if you are looking to add additional IP addresses to your account – say you wanted more privacy for your website, to install SSL certificate (a unique IP address is required) or some increased search engine visibilty (there is a rumored SEO benefit with having a unique IP) then you might want to consider dreamhost promo code BEKIND3 for 2 free unique ip address and 3 domain names.

Otherwise if you are just interested in the discount – choose Dreamhost Promo Code BEKIND for $50 off.

Dreamhost’s 97 Day Guarantee

Check out their website for confirmation but to paraphrase Dreamhost has a 97 day money back guarantee. This is more than enough time even if you are testing things slowly to get an idea if Dreamhost is right and will work well for you.

Dreamhost Invitations

Read more about dreamhost invitations here but you if you are open to signup with dreamhost for more than 2 years ( Remember their 97 day guarantee)  then the best way to save would be to use a dreamhost invitation. These invitatons are in limited supply – see this page – dreamhost invitations – for details.

How to use Dreamhost Promo Codes

So now that you are ready to sign up with  Dreamhost ( if you are feeling a bit unsure still check out our Dreamhost Review and Dreamhost Web Hosting article for details ) but assuming you want to signup then using our promo code is easy -  just go through the signup process and on the page right before you enter your credit card – you will see the image picture below – just enter the correct promo code and you are good to go.

Dreamhost Coupon

Click here to save $50 with Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND