Dreamhost Private Server

Save With Dreamhost Promo CodeDreamhost has, in the past few years, been evaluating dedicated web hosting options and for a time were offering a dedicated server for about $400 a month that could be accessed using their control panel.

Dreamhost Private Servers offer a middle ground between standard hosting and dedicated hosting.   Dreamhost private servers offer full root access, dedicated ip, isolated CPU/RAM resources that you are reboot / adjust at will and best of all to upgrade it seamless – Dreamhost does the work for you.

Dreamhost Private Server Details

  • Simple to use – they handle the upgrades
  • Full Root Access a Linux VServer Platform
  • Elevated Customer Support – You get access to their online chat. Customer support is all USA based in Los Angeles, Ca.  Definitely a nice feature – getting instant customer support when you need it.
  • Instant Reboots —  You can instantly reboot your system and do other things like instantly adjust/upgrade your memory
  • MOD_Proxy – run ROR, Tomcat, JSP, Zope, whatever you want to run just set it up and geek out.
  • 150 MB RAM / 100 CPU to start off with  – see our chart below to figure out how much memory you might need.

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Dreamhost Private Server Memory/CPU Configurations

You can adjust Dreamhost’s memory configuration on the fly at anytime but before you signup for Dreamhost’s Private Server you might want to know how much memory your website is going to need.  Here are some guidelines below but I can tell you based on my experience with running 20 wordpress website simultaneously and 5 nightly cron processes some that we intensive that the default configuration was enough.

Dreamhost will let you memory and CPU spike to double for short periods of time but if they are sustaining high CPU then you will have to readjust and up your memory limits. Anyways, here is what Dreamhost has to say on the question of memory limits.

  • 150 mb – $15 / month – the default – they claim that this is good for 90% of blog and/or static websites – my experience running 20 wordpress blogs confirms this.
  • 600 mb – $60 / month – they claim that this will support a top 100 blog . Well if your blog is ranking in the top 100 in Alexa – you are not going to be worried about $60, lets put it that way
  • 2000 mb – $200 / month – extremely busy and popular website like the dreamhost control panel — I guess they are basing this on their internal number but again if you are getting this much traffic to your website and you have some kind of business plan you are going to be psyched.

Final Points about Dreamhost Private Server

Finally , last but not least, Dreamhost has a very good wiki page one on optimizing Dreamhost private server and one on troubleshooting  private server.  Also, good news if you are Ruby on Rails fan because Dreamhost makes it super easy to get Mongrel and ruby on rails up and running.

Dreamhost Recommendation

Dreamhost has been around now for over 10 years and is recommended by the creators of wordpress. If you are a wordpress user / fanatic  then dreamhost will be an excellent choice because not only do they have 1 click installs but you can set it up so that you are automatically upgraded to a new version of wordpress when it is released.

wordpress endorsement dreamhost

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