Dreamhost Improvements for August 2011

For the month of August 2011 – Dreamhost has announced two nice improvements Twitter Tech support and Credit Card Autopay.

The first improvement is the launch of their twitter tech support account @DreamHostCare. You can get your questions answered answered pretty much immediately there the catch is that messages are limited to 140 characters or less

When we tweet, we do it as @DreamHost.

When you address your tweets to @DreamHost it can sometimes be hard to figure out who’s responding. Might be tech support. Might be a marketing guy. Might be neither! Who knows? Shared Twitter accounts are the gloryhole of social media.

To clear up any ambiguity we’ve created @DreamHostCare – a Twitter account specific to tech support-related inquiries and the quickest way to get through to a tech support team member in 140 characters or less.

@DreamHostCare on Twitter
Just so we’re clear – customer care will now come from @DreamHostCare.

That’s us.

It’s legit.

Twitter is great for quick questions, but for a more fully-featured technical support experience we recommend you stick to submitting issues through our web panel. It lets you type 141 characters – and more!

Contact Technical Support

The second improvement – Credit Card Autopay – I am curious about because normally my credit card gets charged everymonth anyways nonetheless below here are the details

The best bills are the ones that pay themselves. Am I right or am I right? Eh? Eh?

By storing a credit card on file with your DreamHost account you’re doing a few things.

First and foremost you’re ensuring that a missed email from our billing robot while you’re on vacation won’t result in a suspended account.

Secondly, you’re freeing yourself up from the monotony of bill paying! In the time it takes to pay your bill manually you could instead be enjoying a cool, refreshing glass of milk.

And finally, you’re affirming to yourself that your credit is, at worst, decent.

Set Up Credit Card Autopay
Just click the ‘Credit Card AutoPay’ signup link to get started.

You can even set a limit to the amount we’ll charge your card on any one day if you’re the not-trusting type.

Paying your bill has never been easier!

It was pretty easy already, though.

As mentioned elsewhere if you want to get a discount on dreamhost when you signup , then use our Dreamhost Promo Code to save some money