Dreamhost Control Panel

Save With Dreamhost Promo CodeDreamhost has their own control panel that they have been developing for as long as they have been in business. Their control panel is one of the things that really sets Dreamhost apart and also helps them break out of the cookie cutter mold of webhosting.

Not too say that all webhosts that offer the standard Cpanel webhosting are bad because I do like Cpanel but if Dreamhost did not develop their own control panel then they would not be able to offer integrated services like Amazon Cloud Front integratation, seemless upgrade to a linux virtual private server, specialized programs like files forever, etc,etc.

The best way to understand Dreamhost’s control panel is to take a test drive (click here to test out Dreamhost’s control panel).  Also don’t be too worried about signing up with Dreamhost and paying for a month because with our Dreamhost Promo Codes we can waive the setup fee and with Dreamhost’s 97 Day guarantee, that they plaster all over their website, you have lots of time to test Dreamhost out.

Dreamhost is constantly improving and redoing their control panel all the time. As mentioned before the best way to get a feel for it  is to demo their control panel. However, before you try it out ,  you might be interested to hear what I ( 5 year dreamhost user)  think are the coolest features.

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Dreamhost Control Panel Top Features

  • Easy Access to commonly used features – most commonly used account functions (Manage Account, Domains, Email, Users and Databases) are visible right away and easy to use
  • API Integration –  Dreamhost allows you to access information about your personal control panel through their API. So say for example, you wanted to see how much disk space your backup user was using, well just write a php program that calls the control panel api and have it display that information. You would never get this with cpanel.
  • RSS Integration – you can subscribe to an RSS feed integrated to your control panel that will alert you(via RSS) of any issues – server issues, billing issues, anything hosting related pertaining to your account.
  • Domain Registration – Please read our Dreamhost Domain Registration article but in a few words, Dreamhost offers a domain registration service that is MUCH, MUCH better that godaddy, 1and1, namecheap and really any registrar that I have come across.
  • Mongrel and ModProxy Integration – If you are a fan of Ruby on Rail then you will love this because right from the control panel you have access to Mongrel.  Just seeing Mongrel on the control panel lets me know that the Dreamhost is very rails friendly.
  • 1 Click Installs –  Well I know everyone is familiar with fantastico and other variations such as simplescripts. But Dreamhost’s control panel not only will install wordpress in 1 click but also has a setting to automatically upgrade wordpress whenever a new release is available. Maybe, some people like having their wordpress automatically upgraded but keeping out of date installations of wordpress is a security risk. So you wont be caught unaware, Dreamhost will notify you when they automatically upgrade wordpress for you.
  • Modify/Reboot Your Server on the fly – Disclaimer – this is just an option for Dreamhost Private Server users but nonetheless it’s pretty cool. You can reboot your server and adjust memory and CPU requirements easily with a little slider.

Dreamhost’s Automatic Upgrade

Automatic Upgrade WordPress

Control Panel Conclusion

In summary, Dreamhost’s control panel is one of their defining cool features and even if you are a ultra techy you are going to like it.   If you haven’t already be sure to check out their control panel demo here.

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