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Save Money and Get More Perks using Dreamhost Coupons

Save Money at Dreamhost If you are ready to signup with Dreamhost and want to save money, then use one of these Dreamhost Coupons listed here.

These coupons have been tested and verified to be working.

If you are still on the fence about signing up with Dreamhost, then read our Dreamhost Review, otherwise, if you are ready to go then be sure to save money and get additional features with a Dreamhost Coupon code below.

Click on the link below to Visit Dreamhost and Remember the Coupon BEKIND and be taken to the Dreamhost website signup form.

Best Dreamhost Coupons

Coupon CodeDescription
BEKINDSave $50 on Dreamhost signup, waive the setup fee or $50 off on the yearly plans
BEKIND25 lifetime free domain registrations
BEKIND34 lifetime free domain registrations and 1 lifetime free ip address
BEKIND42 lifetime free domain registrations and 2 lifetime free IP addresses

Click here to save $50 with Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND

Some facts about Dreamhost Coupons:

  • They are limited to $50 – So essentially you can waive your setup fee or get $50 off the yearly planss by using our Dreamhost Coupon.
  • Free Domain Registration is included with all accounts so no coupon is needed for a free domain.
  • You can save more than $50 by signing up for a 1 or 2 year plan and using a Dreamhost Invitation.
  • A Dreamhost Coupon is the same thing as a Dreamhost Promo Code.
  • Dreamhost Invitation is difficult to get by you can potentially save a lot more.
  • There is no Dreamhost Coupon that will give you a free domain name, however if you signup for a hosting plan 1 free domain is included.

How to use a Dreamhost Coupon

Using our Dreamhost Promo Code is very easy – all you need to know is that on the page just before you enter your payment information you will see a screen that say Just a little more — there you would  enter the correct promo code and you are good to go.

Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND

Click here to save $50 with Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND

Dreamhost Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Dreamhost has a  97 Day Guarantee – They state on their website – If you decide – within the first 97 days of your time with us – that DreamHost isn’t for you, we will gladly close your account and refund any payments you’ve made to us within those first 97 days. The Free Trial means they wont bill for 14 days.

Dreamhost Overview

Dreamhost is a good choice for a webhost however if you aren’t sure then read our Dreamhost Review article or our piece about Dreamhost Web Hosting for more details but quickly summed up – if you consider yourself interested in technology, or techy/geeky Dreamhost could be the perfect webhost for you.

Dreamhost is a reliable web host and is a good choice in general however, where they really excel is with cutting edge advanced webhosting services – such as SVN, Ruby Integration, Debian Linux and related technologies. No other provider comes close to being able to offer all these advanced services for less than $10 a month.

Dreamhost Recommendation

I recommend that you signup with a Dreamhost Coupon and waive the setup fee if you dont have many websites. However, if you have say 5 domain names you want to buy or transfer then use our Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND2.  Also don’t be too worried about locking yourself into a yearly contract as you have 97 day stated on their website – to get a complete refund.

Why This Website ?

This page has been started to both promote Dreamhost as I’m a fan and also to promote my website development services – contact me – if you want a website developed.

Again, Thanks for reading, take a look at our other articles and contact me if you have any questions.

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Click here to save $50 with Dreamhost Coupon BEKIND